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Welcome to Medical Inventions & Development (M) Sdn. Bhd. I am most delighted to share with you and public viewers at large the manifestation that Medical Inventions & Development (M) Sdn. Bhd. (MID) is intent to be a successful, established, recognized and reputable medical device manufacturer, producing and distributing safe and effective medical devices that have the confidence and respect of the marketplace and meeting the expectations of our customers, business partners and stakeholders.


Since the formation and incorporation of Medical Inventions & Development (M) Sdn. Bhd., we have
embraced great opportunities and faced many challenges to achieve the highest level of customer
satisfaction through continual improvement of the innovative and quality medical products such as
rubber band hemorrhoids ligation device, bleeding esophagus ligation device and other related single
use devices for the benefits of mankind. They are both cost-effective and therapeutic in medical

I am proud to disclose that our innovative medical devices are invented by Dr. Ali Mohamed Hassanien,
our R & D Director, whose efforts are culminated with the dedication, motivation and teamwork of other
partners in this great company.

Most of our innovative medical devices have also been patented with World Intellectual Property
Organization (WIPO).

Building on our strong research and development and advanced technological expertise, we are
committed to provide innovative and advanced medical devices by providing ever-increasing values
to our customer, business partners and stakeholders. We also welcome valuable participation and
contribution towards our business excellence and integrity.


Mohamed Osman Yagoub
Managing Director / CEO

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