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  MID Hemorrhoids 3-Shots Band Ligator Device




Prepare the device for operation as follows:-

  1. Load 2 O-rings on to the big cone and 1 O-Ring on the smaller cone.

  2. Place the big cone over the 2nd step & be sure it sits firmly on it. With your fingers push the lower O-Ring on to the 1st step followed by gently sliding the 2nd O-Ring over the 2nd step as you pull the cone away.

  3. Place the smaller cone on to the 3rd step and slide the O-Ring on to it.


  1. After loading the device, attach it to the suction machine by connecting its tube to part ⑤.

  2. Hold the device handle ④ by hand and direct it to the sites of the varices.

  3. By closing the opening ③ with the thumb, the vacuum mechanism sucks the varices into the cavity of the loading part ①.

  4. Then by dragging the trigger backward with the index finger and leaving it to return forward, the first band will be shot out around the sucked varices and ligate it and the second and the third band will be transferred to the 2nd and 3rd steps respectively.

  5. On lifting the thumb from the opening ③ the vacuum mechanism will release off and leave the ligated varices free and so on.

N.B. Suction power must not be less than 20 L/mint and not more than 45 L/mint





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