22/12/2005 - Letter from Dr. Tanwir

22/12/2005 - Letter from Dr. Habashi

Product Certification (Three-Band Hemorrhoids Ligator Device)
5/04/2006 - CE 0123 EN
- ISO 13485:2003
- ISO 9001:2000

Did you know that negligence is the main cause for complications for patients suffering from hemorrhoids?

Many suffer in silence rather than discuss hemorrhoid treatment with their doctors because they fear painful surgery and it's post operative care. The worst complications are as follows : -

1. Bleeding during bowel mechanism

2. Prolapse and protrusion out of the anus which causes severe pain if it cannot pushed back inside again, and it's persistence out for a long time may cause ulceration of the mucous lining and in turn lead to more inflammation. At the same time, the development of a blood clot in one of these veins may result in a serious degree of infection requiring a long period of treatment before doing the surgical operation, besides the severe pain the patient suffers from.

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