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MEDICAL INVENTIONS & DEVELOPMENT (MID) is a Malaysian company founded by a Sudanese business man- Mr. Mohamed Osman Yagoub and an Egyptian inventor- Dr. Ali Hassanien who has recently invented and registered a number of medical devices for the elimination of human suffering. The company's objective is to utilize these inventions in manufacturing medical equipment and device for the benefit of human kind. The company has recently owned and launched the first product for the treatment of HEMORRHOIDS, having acquired the proprietary right of that invention. Similar inventions and products for medical treatment of various diseases will follow in due course.

Do patients moan and groan of agony?
Do they have sleepless nights?
Well, we can alleviate their suffering as we know but too well that suffering mars and maims human life.

We offer your patients who have been troubled with increasingly frequent and severe rectal pain as a result of HEMORRHOIDS, the perfect solution. We have devised a brilliant state-of-the-art method for the treatment of HEMORRHOIDS. It is non-surgical, time-saving, quick, hygienic and safe.

The one band system is an old method for handling the disease, but our new invention cuts time and costs in half, in addition to the aforementioned advantages.

Have you heard of the THREE BAND LIGATION device for the treatment and elimination of HEMORRHOIDS? Of course not. This is a new device invented and registered as a patent right of MID only recently. Get set and go while the HEMORRHOIDS is a second or third degree before it complicates your patient’s life. Rid him of the pain and suffering for ever.


  • Being a THREE BAND, the
    device need not be reloaded.
  • Being done by the treatment
    physician alone without help,
    it preserves the dignity of
    the patient.
  • Easy technique.
  • No specialists required.
  • Takes 4 to 5 minutes to
  • Ligates the 3 piles in one
  • Infection-free as the device
    pistol is used ONCE ONLY.
  • Painless yet rids one of
    tremendous pain. It is


    Company Products & Services

    1. Multi-Band Hemorrhoids Ligation Device.
    2. Bleeding Esophageal Ligation Device.
    3. Other concepts currently under development.

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