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Medical Inventions & Development

  • The first multiple band ligature without the use of strings.
  • Provides for fast and hygienic procedure.
  • Available in both disposable and reusable forms.
  • Cost effective and affordable.


Problems & Opportunities

  • Current State Of The Art Technologies
    - For Hemorrhoids Treatment

           Reusable Single Band Devices
               - Infection issues due to reloading of device.
               - Longer procedure time meaning
                    >> Discomfort to patient.
                    >> Waste of precious time to surgeon.
                    >> Costs and logistics of sterilization and maintenance.

          Disposable Single Band Devices
              - Same problems as above if device is reloaded, except sterilization and maintenance costs.
              - Additional costs if new device is used.
              - Repeat visits are not in favor of either doctor or patient.

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